Calcium Hydroxide

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D-Tech Cal-Plus -38 %

D-Tech Cal-Plus

D-Techs CAL- PLUS is a premixed water based Calcium Hydroxide Paste with high Radiopacity. This se..

250.00 156.00

Diadent Diapaste -9 %

Diadent Diapaste

DiaPaste is a premixed calcium hydroxide barium sulfate paste for root canal treatment. It is iodofo..

1,350.00 1,225.00

Kerr Life -21 % SOLD OUT

Kerr Life

Life is a hard-set calcium-hydroxide base indicated for use as a direct and indirect pulp-capping ..

1,400.00 1,112.00

Meta Metapex Syringes -39 %

Meta Metapex Syringes

A temporary root canal filling material with excellent radiopacity, Metapex is an antibacterial, pre..

2,376.00 1,450.00

Prevest Denpro Calplus -28 %

Prevest Denpro Calplus

Premixed Calcium hydroxide paste containing iodoform with improved radiopacity and antimicrobial eff..

290.00 208.00

Prime Dental Rc Cal -31 %

Prime Dental Rc Cal

Radio opaque Ca (OH)2.Contains barium sulphate.Ready to use paste.Highly alkaline.Can be easily remo..

190.00 132.00