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Sybron Endo Elements - Gutta Percha Cartridge

Elements™ Obturation Unit Cartridges are for use in the Elements™ Obturation Unit System. Gutta Pe..


Sybron Endo Elements Obturation Unit -24 %

Sybron Endo Elements Obturation Unit

FEATURES:The Elements Obturation Unit combines our System B™ technology with a motor-driven extrud..

173,300.00 132,200.00

Sybron Endo K File 25mm #08 -10 %

Sybron Endo K File 25mm #08

Extraordinarily sharp and mirror-like finished edges with high ductility make for excellent working ..

245.00 220.00

Sybron Endo K Flex Files -51 %

Sybron Endo K Flex Files

Kerr K-Flex stainless steel handfiles feature a unique rhomboid design, which provides a shor..

400.00 198.00

Sybron Endo K3 XF Rotary Files -42 %

Sybron Endo K3 XF Rotary Files

K3XF NiTi files provide clinicians with the safety and self-centering features of the original K3 ..

2,500.00 1,450.00

Sybron Endo Pathfinders -14 %

Sybron Endo Pathfinders

Stainless steel endo handfiles, Pathfinder instruments feature a minimal taper and are used for ne..

351.00 302.00

Sybron Endo Sealapex -41 %

Sybron Endo Sealapex

Sealapex is the original non-eugenol, calcium hydroxide polymeric root canal sealant. This formula..

2,000.00 1,175.00

Sybron Endo Super-Cor -27 %

Sybron Endo Super-Cor

Advantages: Very good mechanical properties due to high filler loading (79% w..

850.00 620.00

Sybron Endo System B Cordless -39 %

Sybron Endo System B Cordless

SybronEndo, a global leader in endodontic equipment and material, is proud to introduce its latest..

163,000.00 99,250.00

Sybron Endo Touch 'n Heat -47 %

Sybron Endo Touch 'n Heat

The Touch'n Heat conveniently and consistently puts the heat on for warm gutta percha techniques. ..

42,000.00 22,228.00

Sybron Endo Twisted Files (Rotary) -46 %

Sybron Endo Twisted Files (Rotary)

Twisted Files (TF) combines three proprietary processes to deliver unsurpassed strength and flexib..

2,300.00 1,250.00

Sybronendo Buchanan Hand Plugger

Featuring both a tapered nickel-titanium end and a stainless steel end, Buchanan Hand Pluggers..


Sybronendo Buchanan Pluggers

Elements Buchanan Heat Pluggers for the Elements Obturation Unit.PACKAGE CONTENTS: 5 pcs Size : F,..