D-Tech Dental

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 D Tech Lute Glass Quad Pack -16 %

D Tech Lute Glass Quad Pack

Provides excellent adhesion of prosthesis with dentine.Releases fluoride. Low post operative sensiti..

1,650.00 1,380.00

D-Tech Cal-Plus -38 %

D-Tech Cal-Plus

D-Techs CAL- PLUS is a premixed water based Calcium Hydroxide Paste with high Radiopacity. This se..

250.00 156.00

D-Tech Cem Zinc -1 %

D-Tech Cem Zinc

ADVANTAGES:Premium Zinc Phosphate CementComfortable mixing and setting timeExcellent handlingGood se..

310.00 307.00

D-Tech EDTA Gel -26 %

D-Tech EDTA Gel

FEATURES:Acts as a chelating agent for dentin calciumMakes shaping more efficientLubricates the root..

200.00 149.00

D-Tech Etch -3 %

D-Tech Etch

   FEATURES;Silica free,high quality ,non-drying ,medium viscosity gelThixotropic, stay pu..

150.00 145.00

D-Tech Iono Set -12 %

D-Tech Iono Set

FEATURES:D-Tech Iono-set is a Universal liquid that can be used with both TYPE I Glass Ionomer Pow..

450.00 397.00

D-Tech Lute Glass -11 %

D-Tech Lute Glass

FEATURES:Provides excellent adhesion of prosthesis with dentin Releases fluorideLow post operat..

425.00 380.00

D-Tech Restore + Condensable -5 %

D-Tech Restore + Condensable

INDICTAION:Restore+condensable is radiopaque glass polyalkeonate restorative cements with chemical a..

1,050.00 999.00

D-Tech Restore Glass -11 %

D-Tech Restore Glass

INDICATION:Suitable for restoration of prepared teeth and restorations of class III ,V & limited..

425.00 378.00

D-Tech Root Prep -4 %

D-Tech Root Prep

ADVANTAGES:D-Tech product uses top quality imported ingredientsUltra fine particle size no scratchy..

250.00 240.00