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Ammdent Cal Excel -23 %

Ammdent Cal Excel

Calcium Hydroxide Paste 2 x 2g Tubes ..

420.00 325.00

Ammdent Cal Excel LC -48 %

Ammdent Cal Excel LC

Light curable calcium Hydroxide paste for cavity lining (base )for direct/Indirect pulp capping sp..

1,102.00 578.00

Ammdent Calcium Hydroxide Powder -9 % SOLD OUT

Ammdent Calcium Hydroxide Powder

Calcium Hydroxide Powder use for Cavity lining...

65.00 59.00

Ammdent Calform RC -20 %

Ammdent Calform RC

CALFORM-RC to expose pulp capping and pulpotomy, leaking canal, treatment of external resorption, ..

562.00 450.00

Ammdent Calpex -21 %

Ammdent Calpex

For pulp capping and pulpotomy, weeping canal ,treatment of external resorption, apexification, an..

760.00 600.00

Ammdent Canal Clean -10 %

Ammdent Canal Clean

Irrigation Probe Canal Clean has closed end tip & side port opening. The passing throught the ..

1,269.00 1,140.00

Ammdent Canalarge -3 %

Ammdent Canalarge

Canalarge is Disodium Edetate solution Chelating agent for the root canal and Cavaties Package Conte..

535.00 520.00

Ammdent Canalsolve -5 %

Ammdent Canalsolve

Canalsolve Removes both GP Point and zinc oxide based Sealers .Package Contents: 13ml..

550.00 522.00

Ammdent Canalsolve R -19 %

Ammdent Canalsolve R

Canalsolve-R is a Root Canal filling remover, removes both GP points and Resin based sealer..

508.00 410.00

Ammdent Cavitemp -11 %

Ammdent Cavitemp

The material is impermeable to drugs. Cavitemp contains Zinc Oxide, Calcium Sulfate, Zinc Sulfate..

225.00 200.00

Ammdent Cresolve -20 %

Ammdent Cresolve

Cresolve Root canal disinfectin solution. Containing antibacterial agent Its available in 13 ml Bott..

550.00 438.00

Ammdent D Pulp -20 %

Ammdent D Pulp

D-Pulp is a arsenic free paste of thick consistency containing Para formaldehyde. Available in a jar..

805.00 645.00

Ammdent D-Hydral --4 %

Ammdent D-Hydral

D-HYDRAL Dehydrating and degresing agent for cavities and canal.Content Package  : 30ml ..

275.00 285.00

Ammdent D-Sense -19 %

Ammdent D-Sense

D-Sense is a 1.1% Natural Sodium fluoride in a thick gel base. To seal the tubules on the root sur..

481.00 392.00

Ammdent Dentochlor -31 %

Ammdent Dentochlor

For dental irrigation and as root canal disinfectant Efficient antibacterial for intracanal medica..

562.00 390.00