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Nexobio MTA Cem -10 %

Nexobio MTA Cem

Mineral Trioxide Aggregate Cement is a powder consists of fine, hydrophilic particles. Hydration o..

2,050.00 1,850.00

Nexobio Soft-Dam -45 %

Nexobio Soft-Dam

t is a passively adhesive methacrylate based, light cured, resin barrier. Soft-Dam is light reflec..

2,500.00 1,380.00

Nexobio T Com -14 %

Nexobio T Com

The latest nano-hybrid universal composite blending the properties of low shrinkage and high stren..

3,000.00 2,570.00

Nexobio T Com Flow -13 %

Nexobio T Com Flow

T Com Flow enhances the performance of T Com thereby ensure precise adaptation to the tooth. Good ..

3,350.00 2,899.00

Nexobio T STAT -39 %

Nexobio T STAT

T STAT is a viscous paste used for all gingival retraction procedures which includes impressions, ..

1,600.00 980.00

Nexobio Transcen Temp C&B LC -13 %

Nexobio Transcen Temp C&B LC

Transcen Temp C&B LC is a temporary crown and bridge resin used for inlays, onlays, crowns, ve..

2,100.00 1,831.00

Nexobio Transcen Temp In&Onlay Lc 2.5G X 3 Syringe -9 %

Nexobio Transcen Temp In&Onlay Lc 2.5G X 3 Syringe

It is a light cured single component materials for filling of temporary inlays, onlays. Transcen T..

2,000.00 1,830.00

Nexobio Transeal F -19 %

Nexobio Transeal F

Light-cured dental pit and fissure sealant intended for the prevention of caries. With added Nano ..

1,850.00 1,500.00

Nexobio Trantemp -4 %

Nexobio Trantemp

It is a self-curing estetic temporization material. Trantemp is an incorporating propietary nano ..

2,805.00 2,700.00