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Morita Dentaport ZX -3 %

Morita Dentaport ZX

Unique module system that includes apex locator and handpieces for canal preparation as well as ..

64,000.00 62,200.00

Morita Root ZX II Apex Locator -7 %

Morita Root ZX II Apex Locator

Large LCD Colour Display offers a high contrast with the clear pro..

59,221.00 54,995.00

Morita Root ZX Mini -19 %

Morita Root ZX Mini

Accurate Measurement Utilizing the ratio technique, Root ZX mini provides a highly accurate indic..

59,000.00 47,500.00

Morita TriAuto Mini -25 %

Morita TriAuto Mini

The user can adjust file speed, torque values and various safety functions at the touch of a butto..

110,482.00 82,770.00

Morita TriAuto Mini and Root ZX Mini -35 %

Morita TriAuto Mini and Root ZX Mini

Easy handling With the Tri Auto ZX root canal measurement, enlarg..

203,040.00 131,300.00

Morita Vitapex -21 %

Morita Vitapex

Premixed Paste - for immediate use with minimal material waste and clean-up. Syringe tip delivery ..

3,500.00 2,750.00