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 Apple Dental Airrotar (Autoclavable) -43 %

Apple Dental Airrotar (Autoclavable)

It is Stylish and has Good Quality Cartridge. It has Anti-retraction function - three holes on the..

2,600.00 1,490.00

 Apple Dental Straight Handpiece -47 %

Apple Dental Straight Handpiece

FEATURES:Long life spanSmooth operationGuarantees prompt serviceConstructed ..

2,808.00 1,499.00

Apple Dental Contra Angle Handpiece -41 %

Apple Dental Contra Angle Handpiece

It is intended for dental clinical treatment and prevention. It is Suitable for any E-type headpie..

2,700.00 1,605.00

Apple LED Airrotor Handpiece -52 %

Apple LED Airrotor Handpiece

FEATURES: E-generator LED& handpieceS..

8,500.00 4,100.00