-39 % Meta Metapex Syringes

A temporary root canal filling material with excellent radiopacity, Metapex is an antibacterial, premixed paste composed of Calcium Hydroxide with Iodoform. Priced at less than half the cost of leading brands, Metapex is ideal for many applications:

Exposed pulp in pulp capping and pulpotomy
Leakage canal
Formation of hard tissue barrier
Root canal filling materia
Clean and dry it, after preparing the root canal.
Set up a disposable tip in syringe and insert the ring provided for an easy re-direction of the tip.
Disinfect the disposable tip with ethanol.
Fill the canal completely by pushing the syringe plunger while withdrawing the tip slowly.
Clean any excess paste with a sterilized cotton pellet.
Remove the used tip, fix a new one and cover up.

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Meta Metapex Syringes

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